Africa is the main hub

Writer: Mitta Xinidlu

Image: Unsplash

Why is Africa interesting to investors? As a continent which is is undermined, one would not expect investors to have any interest. However, contrary to popular media opinions, Africa is the richest continent on earth. Always has been, and always will be. Thanks to its natural resources which need no human intelligence.

As a hub, it attracts not only individual investors but businesses too. Big companies, such as Total, benefit hugely from oil, found in Mali. As much as these companies are started and controlled in other continents, their supply is in Africa.

Then why does the media make the general population think poorly of Africa? Is it because the people who live in Africa do not benefit from their natural resources, thus being economically poor? Is it because Africans do not know their history? Is it because Africans do not know themselves, and their strengths?

If so, who will tell Africans to wake up and realise their great resources in material, culture, and people?