Be Careful: Culture can cross boundaries

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu

Image: Unsplash

Do people who hurt others realise the damage their actions do or are they really oblivious to their actions? The setting could be anywhere, from a family home to the workplace.

Usually, if the perpetrator is not called against their actions, they will continue their behaviour, particularly in settings where the culture is lenient to the act. The real victim is then left alone hopeless and in isolation.

Some organisations have the HR set up to fix and succumb such issues. However, in family settings, it is difficult to find that one person who will stand up against their culture or the norm. Do we have brave people in 2020?

All good changes relating to justice and fairness came about because one person stood against the norm, stood against their culture, and said enough was enough.

Racism ended because people stood against it. Segregation and discrimination against women ended because someone stood against it. Femicide will be limited also because men are standing up against those men who do it.

Let’s not follow a human-defined culture blindly even if it leaves some people in isolation, or others violated. In 2020 let’s be courageous to stand up for what is right for the survival of humankind and not a special few.