Africans are ashamed of themselves

Writer: Mitta xinindlu

Image: Unsplash

Let’s analyse why Africans are shaming each other when it comes to their lifestyle. They associate normal ways of living with shame or nothingness. Where did this low self-esteem stem from?

For example, Africans have been walking miles and miles, from one village to another, as part of making their lives efficient. They did not require cars or other expensive means to get by. However, today, the very same activities are associated with being poor, thus, classifying those who still choose to walk as backwards and below those who deserve respect.

Interestingly enough, in Europe, walking long distances is called, hiking, and it is seen as a hobby — something is done by the brave and courageous. Those who hike are considered above the norm. They brag about it on their CVs, and in their introductions of self.

So, if the same activity is done in Africa, why do fellow Africans belittle their people and not applaud them for maintaining their lifestyles which had now attracted the rest of the world and had been glorified as a result? Why do fellow Africans do not uphold or uplift this way of living since it has been beneficial for centuries? It saves money and it promotes healthy and fit bodies.

In Johannesburg, for example, everyone aspires to have a car. If one chooses to cycle or walk to work, they are belittled and not taken seriously. On the other hand, in Paris, people aspire to cycle or walk to get to their places of work.

Had the African mind been materialised to the point that it has lost sense of what is good for own economy?

Let’s discuss. Leave a comment below.

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