Beyoncé: The Strategist

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu

Video: Beyoncé Instagram – Ivy Park x Adidas Ad

This is not just a fan reporting but a business graduate’s perspective. Beyoncé’s moves in the entertainment industry have not been stagnant on being defined as a singer. She has proven over and over again to be an overachiever in different aspects of the business. She has broken many glass ceilings, probably her head has gone stronger from breaking all this glass.

But above all, she has positioned herself in a way that she can now help elevate other Black people.

Beyoncé played along to get along in the beginning, but only to make herself be in a perfect position to change how things are done for the benefit of her people.

Many entertainers enrich themselves, and that’s just that.

But for Beyoncé, the agenda is bigger than her popularity. She wants to give equal opportunities to her people. She wants to position other Black people in places where they can also generate wealth for themselves and generations to come.

Image: Instagram

Anti-Beyoncé people fail to see that she is not just a talent, but also a honer and promoter of other talents. She is not overrated. She is perfectly rated because she puts in the work, humility, and vision from which many people benefit.

This is why we do not mind purchasing her products because we know that she also makes other Black people benefit from her success.

Let’s support her because she truly is changing the world.