The Sussex: Harry and Meghan’s Move

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu

Image: Sussex Royal Instagram

There are many details that we will never know about. So, many of us analyse only from what is revealed to us. With that in mind, our judgement also remains subjective to the matter.

What we know thus far:

  1. Meghan has been harshly harassed by the UK media.
  2. She has been bullied over and over, even by most white UK citizens.
  3. Her father’s side has been unsupportive of her since the news of the engagement; even willing to sell stories about her.
  4. She is seen unsuited to be part of the royal house due to her part-blackness, her age difference to Harry, her previous job as an actress, her citizenship as an American, and lastly, her divorcee status.

Meghan is seen as not deserving of marrying Harry. According to the UK masses, Harry is above marrying a “commoner” whom he loves dearly.

Image: The Sussex Royal Instagram

Meghan’s haters have since been running their harmful hate campaign since day 1 without losing momentum. This included fabricating lies against her, uploading revealing pictures of her on websites that are not dignified, humiliating her nonstop, and breaking all boundaries to the request of some privacy.

Just because you are a public figure, doesn’t mean the public owns every detail of your life.

Unfortunately, many people do not know when to stop, or how to respect others’ privacy. They feel entitles to expose your secrets, intimate moments, all for the sake of advancing their popularity.

Now that Harry has decided to stand against the humiliation and bullying of his wife, and leave behind the royal benefits (which the entitled UK people have been complaining about), the haters are complaining again, also blaming Meghan for “mind programming” Harry.

Image: Sussex Royal Instagram

What do people want? For Meghan to just vanish? No, it will not happen. Harry will continue to stand for what is right and do so to protect his family (wife and son). That is what noble men do; they protect their wives and children despite any backlash.

The media reports that the Queen did not know of the announcement that Harry and Meghan made on their Instagram, to move between Canada and the UK.

If this is the case, and the Queen found out through Instagram, then this would be the only thing Harry and Meghan did incorrectly. But the decision to move remains valid for their happiness, and that’s just that.