The fall of the business

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu

At some point, someone has to remind employees of the importance of separating personal life with that of business. I have not been exposed in the business world for a long period but I have seen and experienced so much, to the point that I was left with so many questions than before I got introduced to the business world. It was easy to think and assume, at first, that my analysis was paralysed by the academic world I was coming from. However, after a long time of gathering more information on employees and how they treat both colleagues and clients I have realised the immediate need to constantly remind employees (as a manager) to separate personal life with that of business. With this achieved, businesses could gain more financially and excel in building a good image.

I always say, ‘businesses never tarnish their image but it’s the employees who do that”; simply because they do not care about the image of the business because it doesn’t belong them. They do not have a direct interest; I mean they could easily change jobs, right?