Silence is not always golden

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu

Many times people who could potentially have helped situations become better stayed quiet.
Many times people with power to shift the atmosphere remained silent.
Those who witnessed abuse towards others chose silence over saying something.
Those who heard their friends, families or colleagues say mean and racist or degrading remarks remained quiet.

Only because they were told that silence is golden. They were told to mind only their business. They were told that if it doesn’t affect them, it’s none of their concern.

The earth hosts more than 7 billion people. However, only a small fraction of these stand up for social justice. Only those whose stubbornness is not afraid to cross traditional norms.

So why then do we have more than 90% of people who remain silent and inactive?

It goes back to Psychology. Humans who tend to be on the wrong of moralism usually gain a lot of support and company, and faster. Because misery loves company. They usually garner the support by ridiculing and shaming social justice agents, in the hopes of making social agents appear as the bad guys.

Our message today is that social change and justice only needs one brave person. An agent who will stand up against thousands of mockers.

Be that agent today!

Start small. Start standing up against your friends, families and colleagues. Then, in the end, we will serve social justice and we will leave this world a better and happier place for all those who live in, and not only for a selected few.