Toxic work associates

Image: YouTube Video

Many work environments tend to be harmful to some people. And only those who are thick-skinned seem to survive the constant attacks from toxic associates and working environments. Looking into the entertainment industry, a teachable moment is of that of Nicki Minaj, who is a rapper. 

Nicki Minaj rose to fame and fortune through her hard work, writing her songs and also delivering them in a way that has captured many people around the world.

Image: YouTube Video

Assassination of character

However, with her unmatched success came bitter and envious people. These people started to build up stories to assassinate her character, something which is quite normal when it comes to vile individuals. They paid people to lie about her. They paid people to obtain information on her. They built up “artists” to compete against her. But luckily, all of that did not amount to full success because no one can take away her talent or match her work ethic.

Image: YouTube Video

Playing a victim role

Associates usually achieve this by spreading false information about your behaviour, attitude, and state of being. They usually get others to pity them, making themselves appear as victims. By showing their “victim” side, they appeal to human nature and urge them to disregard any bad in their actions, thus putting the focus on their target. 

These toxic people usually have a large group of people around them who also help in conveying their dirty work. They also convince their friends, family and colleagues to spread false information about the target. In Nicki Minaj’s case, DJs, other artists, and fanbases worked and conspired against Nicki, and started to spread false information through the media and social networks.

We must not normalise toxicity; we must expose those who are conniving, hurtful and are ill-intent. 

Taking away deserved accolades

Toxic associates, through their evil ways, will assassinate the image of their target, tarnish their legacy, and also convince powerful people or decision-makers into subbing their target from gaining their well-deserved awards. In the case of Nicki Minaj, her enemies have made sure that everyone who is against her receives a Grammy Award. Although well-deserving, and highly successful in her genre, she is still not getting the Grammy Award, which is assumed to be the biggest achievement in the music industry. 

Using company resources for personal use

Toxic associates are not shy in using company resources in making sure that they sabotage their targets. They will unashamedly abuse not only their target but also the company’s resources. Companies, beware!

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu