Africans are ashamed of themselves

Writer: Mitta xinindlu Image: Unsplash Let's analyse why Africans are shaming each other when it comes to their lifestyle. They associate normal ways of living with shame or nothingness. Where did this low self-esteem stem from? For example, Africans have been walking miles and miles, from one village to another, as part of making their … Continue reading Africans are ashamed of themselves

Contradictions of the business world today

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu Image: Unsplash Some managers ignore the long-lasting nature of skills acquired through training; they give employees no alternative skills which can be used beyond their current jobs, unless if those employees get selected for new positions. Needless to say, the business industry is all about that – business. Profit margins and the … Continue reading Contradictions of the business world today

Types of HR Managers today

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu Image: Unsplash Power Driven ManagersPower hungry managers impose a great obstacle in the progress of those who possess qualities that are better than theirs. If and when the candidates make it through all the assessments and get the position, these managers will continue to assure that such people do not make it … Continue reading Types of HR Managers today

Happy Kwanzaa Season

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu Image: Google Wishing everyone a joyous Kwanzaa season. May we continue to live up to the seven principles, and build a future filled with hope and prosperity. " Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define and name ourselves, as well as to create … Continue reading Happy Kwanzaa Season

Be Careful: Culture can cross boundaries

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu Image: Unsplash Do people who hurt others realise the damage their actions do or are they really oblivious to their actions? The setting could be anywhere, from a family home to the workplace. Usually, if the perpetrator is not called against their actions, they will continue their behaviour, particularly in settings where … Continue reading Be Careful: Culture can cross boundaries