Silence is not always golden

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu Many times people who could potentially have helped situations become better stayed quiet.Many times people with power to shift the atmosphere remained silent.Those who witnessed abuse towards others chose silence over saying something.Those who heard their friends, families or colleagues say mean and racist or degrading remarks remained quiet. Only because they … Continue reading Silence is not always golden

Do not let your babies ‘cry it out’

Some cultures deny babies the needed attention. There are cultural beliefs that permit parents to ignore their crying babies. Even some medical professionals recommend this idea, hiding behind a few theories, such as the Ferber Method, which promote the idea that “babies need to cry their feelings out”. I strongly disagree. I disagree in my … Continue reading Do not let your babies ‘cry it out’

Narcissism and leadership

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu Image: Unsplash Many people go on with life without acknowledging or addressing what I propose to be the biggest misunderstanding between people in the workplace today, a personality disorder. More specifically, a narcissistic personality disorder; a characteristic that defines the majority of our leaders in all industries. Narcissism, in the English language, … Continue reading Narcissism and leadership