Employees are internal customers

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu Brand equity and human capital are two critical assets that support a firm’s short-term stability and long-term success. While businesses have recognised the power of brand management for attracting and retaining external customers, companies are only beginning to realise the potential benefits of HR brand management for attracting, selecting, and retaining internal … Continue reading Employees are internal customers

Contradictions of the business world today

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu Image: Unsplash Some managers ignore the long-lasting nature of skills acquired through training; they give employees no alternative skills which can be used beyond their current jobs, unless if those employees get selected for new positions. Needless to say, the business industry is all about that – business. Profit margins and the … Continue reading Contradictions of the business world today

Narcissism and leadership

Writer: Mitta Xinindlu Image: Unsplash Many people go on with life without acknowledging or addressing what I propose to be the biggest misunderstanding between people in the workplace today, a personality disorder. More specifically, a narcissistic personality disorder; a characteristic that defines the majority of our leaders in all industries. Narcissism, in the English language, … Continue reading Narcissism and leadership